House Amarillis (Amaryllis)

Few Houses are as distinguished as the the noble silver (moon) elven House Amaryllis. Prior to the establishment of a ruling monarchy, Evermeet was governed by a Council of Elders which in turn was led by a High Councillor. In times when this position was won by a silver elf, more than half of those who served were of House Amaryllis.

The diplomatic coups of the House are noted for their timing and smoothing out of issues without raising many feathers. Perhaps this comes from the fact that while Amaryllis, like many of their moon elven brethren, are more open to innovations and cultures than their sun elf counterparts, they are just as likely to hold on and honour long-standing traditions that sun elves cherish. House Amaryllis has thus served as a bridge between sun and moon elf noble Houses on more than one occasion, facilitating many a marriage between the two subraces—-most notably from members of their House. The majority of sun-moon elf pairings involves an Amaryllis with another sun elf scion.

Noble heroes from this House include the first High Councillor of Evermeet, Keishara Amaryllis; and Kethyrillia Amarillis, the House’s founder, archmage of ancient Sharlarion, and nemesis of the great demon Haeksharr, Lolth’s lieutenant, who was banished to the Abyss thanks to her efforts.

Unfortunately, recent events in elven memory stain the reputation of the House. 200 years ago, the elf king Zaor’s first wife Queen Lydi’aleera committed suicide before the entire court in madness after her son Rhenalyrr died trying to draw his father’s moonblade. The hereditary weapon of kingship had judged the young prince unworthy. It was later found out that Rhenalyrr was not Zaor’s child at all, but the result of an ill-conceived affair between Lydi’aleera and Adamar Alenuath, head of another noble House. That Lydi’aleera had earlier become the queen through the machinations of her ambitious brother Montagor Amarillis had not escaped the notice of the nobility as well. Much satisfaction was quietly had at her demise, and Montagor has since been held deeply in disgrace.

The symbol of the House is a silver amaryllis against a field of dark blue.

House Amarillis (Amaryllis)

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