Abridged Timeline

1370s - The Sembian Civil War weakens Sembia considerably.

1374 - Elven Crusade reclaims Myth Drannor; Sembia loses the Twilight War against the Netherese and becomes a free protectorate of the Shadovar.

1377 - iIlsevele Miritar, leader of reclaimed Cormanthor, is granted the Ruler Blade -and title of Coronal- by an archlich; Queen Amlaruil of Evermeet gifts the Tree of Souls to the new realm.

1380 - The mythal of Myth Drannor is restored.

1383 - The Netherese raze Khentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven; Fzoul Chembryl is slain; the Zhentarim separate themselves from the Church of Bane; Cyricists gain control of the Zhent; the Zhentarim are decentralised and lose much of their power.

1385 - Spellplague/Shar is stupid; Evermeet vanishes, as does its Queen.

1400 - Sembia fully annexed by the Netheril Empire.

1425 - The Dales Compact is reaffirmed between the elves and the Dalesmen with the restoration of Myth Drannor’s Standing Stone.

1439 - Cormyr and Sembia enter a state of war.

1440 - Sembia declares war against the Dalelands.

1441 - Cormyr honour its defensive alliance with the Dalelands; the Treaty of Griffonfang Bridge, creating a ceasefire between Sembia and the alliance of Cormyr, the Dalelands, and Cormanthor, is signed. Daerlun and Urmlaspyr gain independence as buffer states between Cormyr and Sembia.

1449 - Suzail Writ signed by Azoun V of Cormyr; King Foril ascends.

1484 - Netherese hold on Sembia weakens as the Ordulin Maelstrom is destroyed.

1485 - Cormyr and Netheril resume war with the Dalelands as a war zone.

1486 - The elves of Myth Drannor come to the aid of the Dalelands and push back Sembian forces; Cormyr reclaims all its territories from the Netherese and turns inward to rebuild.

1487 - Thultanthar falls on Myth Drannor because Elminster; ships from Evermeet appear once more on the Sword Coast.

1488 - Sembia regains independence and separates into loosely allied city-states; the Netherese Empire is no more.

1489 - Present day. Elves and dwarves note that the world looks much like it did 100 years ago

Abridged Timeline

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