Vanlanthiriel has been described by one of her students as “of the mellow kind, who gives vague answers about understanding the universe and listening to nature for inspiration.” Her student is correct. “Van,” as she is sometimes called, communes deeply with nature and seeks to understand its grace and strength. 

What her student forgets to mention is that she is a dervish of speed, precision and power who doesn’t suffer actions that might bring harm to others. Thus, she awaits her student Noase (Rachel) to return and explain himself. “What happens to the potential plague bearer, hmm?” Her own sense of responsibility—and the fact that she too, was struck by the plague—kept her from tracking down her itinerant student and bringing him back to where he belonged.

Van harbours no ill will against non-elves, though she wishes they would tread softer during her meditations. She will assist however she can in the party’s effort to find a cure, as she is deeply worried about her students.



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