Caradanír Amaryllis

Moon Elf Bladesinger and twin of Galadlen.


Raw: [STR 11, CON 13, DEX 17, WIS 13, INT 13, CHA 14.]
Modified: [STR 11, CON 13, DEX 19, WIS 13, INT 14, CHA 14.]


Caradanír is a silver elf from Evermeet who has been separated from his family for a hundred years. Born the twin of sun elf Galadlen Evanara, Caradanír was symbolically separated from his brother when given his mother’s surname, Amaryllis. Though the twins belonged to different houses, they grew up together and argued often over who was born first and who was born best. Galadlen possessed more in natural gifts, it could not be denied, but Caradanir was quicker and more open to change; what he lacked in gifts, he compensated with fluidity. It was an easy choice, then, to apprentice Caradanír not only in the craft of magic, but also in the art of diplomacy.

Unfortunately, while Caradanír shadowed the Evermeet ambassadors to the mainland realm of Cormanthor, the Spellplague struck and altered the face of Faerun. Evermeet Isle vanished without a trace and those blessed with magic were instead crippled by pain at the Weave’s unraveling. Caradanír was stranded, his family still on Evermeet when it ceased to be, his teachers hovering between lucidity and pain. This was the first time he felt as though he had lost everything.

The second was when the Shadovar of Netheril’s capital city fell on Myth Drannor, utterly obliterating both cities and the Tree of Souls. Over the last hundred years of war, coping, learning, and establishing his place as part of the court of Cormanthor, Caradanír had rediscovered himself as a hardworking statesman, a fledgling bladesinger of two styles, and an elf independent of family. Much of that, again, fell to ruin.

Much like Cormanthor and the surrounding realms, Caradanír now seeks to rebuild — himself, his country, and maybe even his relationship with a family who have finally, at long last, come for him.

Caradanír Amaryllis

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