The Fallen Boughs of Cormanthor

Preface: In Time of Plague

1489 DR. Two years have passed since Thultanthar, the dread city of Shade, crashed and destroyed Myth Drannor, just a century after its miraculous rebirth. Once again, the forest of Cormanthor houses a ruin that is haunted by shades of its former glory, and the tempting opportunity to ransack treasures of elven make and Netherese design is proving too hard for those of dubious morals to resist.

The survivors of Myth Drannor now reside in the elven community of Semberholme, where they work to rebuild what was lost, and protect what they can from the depredations of others. Thankfully, they are not without allies. Family and blood-kin from the returned isle of Evermeet have rushed to the aid of brethren they have long been separated from, and delegations from surrounding lands, notably Cormyr, the Dalelands, and the Moonsea have offered assistance to help with the recovery.

But the troubles in Cormanthor are far from over. Two sennight ago, a young green elven monk has come bearing troubling news from his hamlet and other settlements: a strange plague has struck, laying its victims low with choking lungs and suffocating weight on their chests. Luckily, he was found by a plague doctor who was able to treat him through his illness. It was then that they made their awful discovery: while the plague does leave survivors, it saps at their breath and fortitude, leaving their health scarred forever. Worse, it resists magical treatment, despite the most fervent prayers of local clerics!

Alarmed, a convocation of the elves and its allies is quickly held, and decisions are reached. A party of representative allies is formed and briefed to investigate this new malady: twin sun elf brothers versed in spell and sword, recently reunited with the homecoming of Evermeet; from Cormyr, a holy knight of Sune, pledged to preserve the world of its beauty; the Zhentilar plague doctor, cursed with cunning expertise in the ways of poison and disease; and the recovered green elf monk, who guides them back to where the sickness began.

What their efforts yield shall be recorded in this new campaign in the Realms.


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