A Wood Elf from Cormanthyr




Noase is a wood elf from the forests of Cormanthyr. He was offered at a very young age to the monk Vanlanthiriel as one of her students, to be raised as one of the protectors of the forest and its settlements. It was in Vanlanthiriel’s monastery that he learned how to defend what is theirs and to be one with nature.

While dutiful, Noase never particularly considered himself a passionate creature — that is, until he was struck by the epidemic that spread like fire through Cormanthyr’s settlements. Instead of awaiting his death on the floors of Vanlanthiriel’s monastery with his ailing peers, Noase fled to their neighboring town to seek help. A Zhentilar plague doctor was able to save Noase’s life, and Noase is quickly tasked with escorting a delegation back to his home to investigate the epidemic.

Despite his quiet disposition, Noase is naturally curious about the world and is still young enough to be interested in outsiders to his forest. The disinclination to speak is a newly acquired habit, however, forced upon him by the constant shortness of breath due to his damaged lungs. Where he used to be more carefree, Noase now moves with measured steps by necessity, and a low thrum of tension is constantly behind his passive expression.

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